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About    January 17, 2018
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Xieum is a start-up venture offering social entertainment, ordering, and checkout services to food, hospitality, and entertainment based businesses. We offer an interactive jukebox, mobile ordering, games, chat, and virtual checkout. The platform modernizes the consumer experience, streamlines purchases and checkout, and offers an interactive entertainment environment.

The interactive virtual jukebox allows customers and guests to access live playlists through their smart phone or other mobile devices. Users can add songs or vote songs up/down in the playlist queue. The default jukebox provides a list of songs that can be streamed over the internet, while playlist owners also have the option to download the Windows application to integrate their own music collection into the available song index.    


Xieum provides options to rapidly order food, drinks, and other restaurant offerings without the need for interaction with staff. This feature streamlines purchases while reducing time to delivery and order fulfillment. This offers speed and access to customers during periods of heavy traffic (e.g. during peak weekend/evening hours) where demand often exceeds staff capacity, and potential sales go unrealized. This service also provides a means for business owners to set up and communicate upcoming events, happy hours, or other specials to their customers. The ordering system integrates with the virtual checkout system to streamline payment and closeout of customer tabs.

Chat, games and other media sharing options offer an enhanced social experience, and provide forums for individuals seeking to socialize and connect with other customers. Bars, restaurants, and many other social and entertainment venues offer a unique physical proximity to individuals seeking to engage with new and unknown parties. We offer users a live entertainment experience and a passive means to bridge contact with other customers.


Virtual checkout integrates multiple payment options and provides a more efficient method for customers to reconcile purchase payment and closeout. This feature also allows customers to seamlessly divide checks among multiple individuals, and offers a lightweight flexible mobile payment option to small vendors who may not have integrated Point of Sale payment capabilities.  






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